I got love for them, cuz they are always showing love at different artist events. And you’ve got to witness them perform live, cuz they give a show. In the mean time, check out these joints. Here’s a lil info from them first:

ALorious is currently in the studio finishing up their new album “Temporarily Disconnected”. The Temporarily Disconnected album is an infusion of thoughts, interpretations, feelings experiences and sounds, put to the music of Producers, Dirty District, Kadillak Musik, LLC and Collabo Ent.

The Title track: “TEMPORARILY DISCONNECTED” is an R&B cut which when asked of GEM IN I what it means, this definition was given; “Disassociating yourself and eliminating things from your life e.g. people, addictions, places, etc. so one can realize what’s good for them and what’s not. In doing that you are temporarily disconnecting yourself to restore your strength, recognize your self worth, know your destiny and move forward. Anything and everyone that tries to alter your plan or goals, service will not be restored… “GEM IN I say’s “The Best in Me is Yet to Come”.

The B Side Track: “WHAT’S REAL” is a Hip Hop Cut which when asked of ALuv aka DeFaZiO what it means, this explanation was given; “Challenges we face as indie artists is really the best way to describe the song in a nut shell. I’m long winded lol so I’ll try to break it down. The industry judges you, your peers turn against you, your city disrespects you. Yet, …Your soul and your dreams can not be silenced! To me…that’s what’s real…”

Listen: ALorious-Temporarily Disconnected

Listen: ALorious-What’s Real