I see these scams all of the time. This time some folks learned about the scam and got really upset. Let me stress again: Never pay to perform. I’m not even going to go into how I feel about “opening” for a major artist. I’ll go into that on a future Monday Mind State.

From my good friends at DMVHustlers.com

I got word today that there was a fight at a rap show last night that resulted into 2 getting shot, 1 in the thigh and the other in the lower abdomen. It was at Don Q’s in Alexandria VA. The show was a competition where artists paid and competed to open up for Jim Jones this Friday at the Star Lounge in Annandale, VA.

We’re not sure who was involved in the fight nor shooting.

We called Spanky of Spanky Productions thinking that he had something to do with the competition since he’s one of the parties producing the Jim Jones show. What we found out was very interesting. He told us how he had nothing to do with it and how the promoters of the “Open Up for Jim Jones Contest” had no permission nor the power to allow the winner to open up for Jim Jones show at their show. WOW.

So, it looks as if the show was a scam. The promoters charged rappers to compete for a chance to open up for Jim Jones without being able to guarantee it. If thats the case, theres going to be a lot of mad rappers when they find out, especially the so-called winner. Who was the winner? Let us know.

That’s not good business. #1. If you’re going to do something involving someone else’s name or promotion, get their permission!!! #2. If you’re making promises, make sure you can deliver!!! #3. Have security!!! (we heard that there was ZERO security at the event.

Now, on the violence tip… I hate hearing about fights among DMV Hustlers. The guy who killed TI’s friend just got 66 years… Fighting isn’t gangster. Handling problems like grown men is, schedule a sit down and talk about it. Because of that fight last night somebody got shot, the club is under investigation which makes it one less venue to perform and network at…

The purpose of this blog is to promote good business and to spread the message : Stop the violence.