Free download links to our 1st four releases. Please click the links, download the zips, and enjoy the music. Each zip contains the cover artwork for the project, so you can also see what you are rocking to when you throw it in the iPod.

For those of you that I have not spoken to in a while, I hope this email reaches you in good health and spirits. The links allow unlimited downloads and will never expire, so please feel free to share them with anybody in your network circle that may enjoy our music.

FACE The Truth – “Face ‘N Tha Streetz” Vol. 1 – Download link (2006)
Face N Tha Streetz

Plex Long – My Purpose Vol. 1 – “Smiles & Cries” – Download Link (2007)
Smiles & Cries

Plex Long – My Purpose Vol. 2 – “Almost Famous” – Download Link (2008)
Almost Famous

SK – “State Of Emergency” Vol. 1 – Download link (2008)
State of Emergency