Words from Lyriciss:

What’s good, everybody? Been a good month since I dropped “The Day Job”. Thank you to everyone for all the love and positive reviews…it’s actually helped pushed the career into some pretty nice moves that are coming to light very soon. That being said, you don’t get paid for sitting on your ass, so I’m back with something new for the blogs, DJs, streets, etc. Any MC worth the right to call themselves an MC that heard Wale’s “Wordplay” thought what I thought when they heard the end of it…”open 16 to murder!” LOL. So that’s what I did, out of respect for such a record being made. Focus on lyrics…production from the great 9th Wonder…and 3 other artists that I respect on the record. It’s only write I put my own touch onto the record. So enjoy and let the people know.

Listen: Wale f./Curren$y, Lyriciss, & Tre of UCB – Wordplay (Unofficial Remix)