‘Stronger’ Freestyle

“I love this one where I’m talkin’ about my football and all that. That brought me to talk about my football past and I never really mentioned it and I feel like it hit every point so well, youknamean.”

“The Kramer”

“Because of the artistic aspect of it how like it’s like drawing a perfect circle, you know what I’m sayin’, manually. You just look at it like ‘Shit, I just did that.’ It is impossible to draw a perfect circle, but if you did one, you look at it like, ‘Oh shit!’”

“The Artistic Integrity”

“Same goes for ‘Artistic Integrity’ just the way it came together. I really wish, like, ten million people could hear that mixtape, know what I’m sayin’, and then just kinda reflect on it. I feel like I did a real good job of just putting things together and conveying a message.”

“Warming Up Cane”

“Because I’m telling a story about Crack City—D.C.—where Crack really became popular over a classic Hip-Hop beat.”

“I Think They Crazy”

“That’s a real sleeper. The flow is just so conversational and it was like the first time of me really, really stepping outside of my real flow and coming up with something different. I ain’t really hear anyone else rap on that beat.”