Greetings DMV Music Lovers,

The past few weeks have brought about a lot of great mixtapes and online album releases from the wonderful artists of the DMV. I’m always eager to get full length projects in my inbox, as much as I enjoy getting singles.  But with this influx of mixtapes/albums, I’ve also been receiving an influx of the same problem…people are sending in their mixtapes/albums without a tracklisting or back cover to let people know what selections are on the project. Several times in the past weeks, I’ve had to email artists back and tell them to send in either a back cover or tracklisting to post with their mixtape/album projects. Why should I have to do this? Including the FULL work of your project should be a given.

I don’t think people value how much the covers and tracklisting helps in promoting your  full length musical selection. Especially on a site like this where people are logging on to discover something new. Your tracklisting lets the music consumer see what it is that you have to offer.  It may be a consumers first time hearing of you, but if they see from your back cover/tracklisting that you have songs with their favorite artists and/or producers, or even freestyled to a hot beat, they will be more inclined to download your mixtape.

Let me break it down this way.  Say that you go to a restaurant that you’ve never been to before. It’s all nice and beautiful.  You’re ready to indulge in what the restaurant has to offer, but there is one problem…they don’t give you a menu. So here you are in this nice beautiful restaurant, but you have no idea what they are serving up.  That’s exactly what you’re doing by submitting mixtapes/albums to blogs with no tracklisting, or a back cover that includes the tracklising. Heck, there have been times when artists have submitted mixtapes/albums with NO covers at all. Why would people click on a link with no info?? Sounds like a hack job to me.

If you value what you’ve created, make sure that you give people that full value and not just a small percentage.  Sell yourself to the consumer.  Show them what you have to offer.  Remember to send in those front AND back covers, or tracklisting if by any chance you don’t have a back cover. NEVER EVER sell yourself short.  And definitely never sell the music consumers short.  Get those back covers/tracklistings in from now on, people!!  🙂