Not me personally. It’s a play!!

Info from my homie Lavan (ya’ll know I’m lazy and enjoy just cutting and pasting emails lol):

A good friend of mine, John Johnson, is premiering his NEW play in 2 weeks at the H Street Play House. It is certainly a must see. Tickets are only $20.
I am not a cast member in this show, but as a member of Verbal Gymnastics, I ask that you support this production. See you there! – LaVan


YOU PEOPLE need to come see this new play “Why I Hate White/Black People” By viewing this attachment and attending this play you lose the right to sue us; but gain the right to have a honest conversation about RACE in America. This play premieres on Thursday Sep 11th at 7pm the H Street Play House in NE WASHINGTON. Please see the attached flyer for show times and if you would like to purchase tickets click link below.

Tickets can be purchased online at

For more info & tickets call
John Johnson at 202.957.0090

Be sure to visit