Verse 1

This aint for everybody

You gotta be real

Its like a fraternity

High burning we still

Flicking ashes thinking back

I learned to be real

Intentions like a weapon

I accept my shit concealed

I studied the game just like a math lesson

Now I’m never alone like Smith and Wesson

Fake niggaz got Aids to me

But you see I know them well like ABC’s

And we can see that

Your just here to provide balance

Put obstacles in the game

Make it a challenge

But if you real

Your above average

93 I was living above Madness

DC on lock, the Mayor had it

Voted him in office and he was a crack addict

That’s real

Yeah the only way to have it

Its a lifestyle not a hobby or a habit

Verse 2

Now more niggaz say they’re real

Than a lil bit

Try to walk in those shoes and its a lil fit, shit

Not quite your size? That’s why you had shades to cover up your eyes

Real recognize real

Don’t try to disguise

I put fake niggaz in the pocket

No Levis

The fakers be the haters

But its so inspiring

Looking for extra clips like Bin Laden

Niggaz are no drama Osamas

Coming home at the end of their sentence with no comma’s

Thought they had real friends, but they sent them no commissary

Before it was nobody can stop us

Sorry don’t cut the grass, so you can see the snakes

Or unclog your ears so you can hear the hate

But we need you around just to be examples

For real niggaz only get down or get trampled

Verse 3

Niggaz know that I’m real

Niggaz promoting the skill

So more niggaz know that I’m ill

Fall? Haters hope that I will

Can’t though

All of my niggaz are real

They’ll be the crutches for real

Can’t fold

Can’t show their true side

Didn’t know till I seen it with my two eyes

Like the movie True Lies

How they do guys

Will have a nigga swallow a bullet

Before pride

So I wrote this for my real niggaz

Wooosah get high