Whats good world, I wanna take this time out of my schedule to address this whole chicken extravaganza. I want to first state that me practicing the art of vegetarianism has nothing to do with the statements made in this post…

I myself, YOUNG-i, SOUTHSIDE-i, Ivan Hall, is very disappointed, discomfited and sadden by this recent outbreak of chicken surrounding the black community. I do understand that erybody is not as conscious as myself but it does not take a genius to overstand the delineation of this incident we find out self in.

Now this all started about a lil over a month ago with the whole Obama Fried Chicken carry out restaurant. From there we witnessed a bombarding of stories about chicken on the news and internet. Headlines like Popeye’s Runs Out Of Chicken: Single Mothers Outraged In Louisiana!

Seriously though? If you watch this story you can clearly read the thoughts that go through the head of the anchor as she tries to withhold her laughter and bigotry. To me she is just saying, “stupid fried chicken loving niggers.”

Then I was presented with another video Popeyes Chicken Refuses To Sell $4.99, with a secondary headline like “We Traveled 20 Miles Away. That’s Alright Well Go To KFC.” And then lastly, the dagger of them all the infamous Couple Robbed For Fried Chicken At Gunpoint In Florida! “You Know What Time It Is. Give It Up”. Do I even have to speak on that? Do you even have to watch that with a headline like that? Really, who robs people for chicken though!

AND FIRST OF ALL, WHEN DID FRIEND CHICKEN BECOME NEWS! Do you know how many stores run out of merchandise on a daily basis in America? How many times did you go to McDonald’s and they say “we ain’t got no ice cream today.” If you cannot look beyond the comedic laughter of these clips and see the bigger picture here then you are indeed irrecoverable. The stereotypical fried chicken and watermelon stamp that we face has been exploited extremely.

And after all of this I read about Oprah giving out free chicken coupons at KFC. I knew this thing would end ugly. Oprah, unfortunately being one of the major representatives for black people could only worsen or help this cause. And as we can all see…all she did is worsen things. So the coupons were given out over the internet and then what happens? The headline reads Oprah’s KFC free-for-all sparks civil rights era-style protest. Wonderful. Wonderful? For who? And the words civil rights era style protest? To compare a protest for chicken to the struggle people had to go through during the civil rights era is fucking ludicrous! Excuse my language.

So once again we are made a fool of on the national scale. And what is the defense of our people? Oh well, Obama likes chicken. PRICELESS! And then to top it all off i see no one arguing this thing. Comedians making jokes, mini skits are popping up over the internet; people like DJ Heat are video blogging. Though i found her video quite funny, especially the reference to the P. Diddy line off Victory (what we going do now) i still did not find this thing as funny as erybody else did. Maybe i’m doin too much…maybe i’m right…maybe i’ll get more hate for this…maybe i’ll spark a couple of minds. But next time somebody or some station wants to exploit black people in a negative light how about we stand and march for that. How about we stand/march and get a news slot for the deaths of people like Lil Lip from Condon Terrace. An unarmed 14 year old boy who was brutally murdered by the DCPD; how about we stand for the health in our black community; or how about we just stand for some type of unity.

I’m out….