The internet went nuts a few weeks ago when Fat Trel teased his remix to Logic’s suicide prevention anthem “1-800-273-8255”. The lines “We just want a homicide/somebody got to die today” let everyone know that Trel’s version would be a total 180 from what Logic did. Today, we finally get the full gist of what the Fat Fool was aiming for with this track. In a message to The Fader, this is what Trel had to say about “1-800-CAL-TREL”:

My thoughts was just representing the streets–that’s it, that’s all. The song is dope so I decided to remix it, and Logic is my homie. I think the whole concept of the original song is dope.

You can never say that Fat Trel doesn’t push the limits when it comes to his music. Get into this single with an open mind: