We got hip to Jewel back in September when she submitted her fun video “On the Gram” to us. Now, we’re proud to debut her brand new single. “All Good” is a bop that will definitely have you feeling good. Here’s what Jewel had to tell us about the song:

“All Good” is a feel good song for me. Things in my life are changing for the better. New doors opening, and I’m happy in a new relationship. So one day i was like,  “it’s all good, it’s okay”! And most importantly, most of my accomplishments were accomplished by myself and in my own way. My goal is to always be extremely positive, so I had to let that show in my music. That’s how I came up with the hook and from there I just started vibing. The track was produced by 3rdeyesound. He’s a really cool guy from Maryland. We came across each other on Twitter, he liked my sound and I liked his, so we started creating. I hope “All Good” makes everyone feel good, because it’s been my personal anthem for some time now. I am really excited for everyone to hear!

We’re excited as well! Stop what you’re doing, and give the 3rd Eye Sound produced “All Good” a listen…NOW!