Jay IDK is “dead”. The artist name and image that you’ve come to known is no more. He is simply now IDK, and has even changed up his appearance a bit.  In an exclusive interview with High Snobiety, IDK speaks on why he is changing up things:

So first and foremost, why the name change? Was there something in particular or a specific moment where the idea hit you?

Originally, when I first created my name behind bars, it was always supposed to just be IDK. It wasn’t until I got out that people adopted the “Jay” and added that in. For me IDK is just taking things back to the root of what I created years ago.

And the aesthetic as well, tell us a bit about your new look and what inspired it.

I just don’t give a fuck about what people think anymore. Right now it’s about what I like, and finding ways to separate myself. I’ve kinda always been that way. Changing my hair color or just having a different style, has been something that I’ve done since high school. Style is art, and I’m more of a Basquiat than a Claude Monet, you feel me? I always like to stand out and attract attention. I guess that’s the Gemini in me. You’re going to also see a lot of fitted hats. To me dad hats are dead… dead… sorry if you have a collection, I’m dealing with this now too. I’m constantly finding the next thing that a lot of people don’t really do.

It doesn’t matter to us what name he goes by, or what color his hair is. As long as the music is still dope, that is all that it comes down to! Be sure to check out the full interview: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/07/27/jay-idk-interview/