Last night in a game between the Washington Nationals and the Milwaukee Brewers, Nats star player Bryce Harper ended up getting ejected.  The umpire didn’t care too much for Harper’s “tantrum” after a strikeout. But it’s what Harper said about the ejection that is getting a lot of attention. He’s blaming his music playlist that he listens to before games! According to the Washington Post:

“Before the game today, I think I need to change my playlist because I get a little fired up from my playlist,” said Harper, citing a mix of Logic and Chance the Rapper as the instigator.

” ‘5AM’ really got me fired up, by Logic. I called my brother and was like, ‘Man, I’m so fired up to play today,’ ” Harper said. “I guess it got me a little too fired up. I guess I need to mix in some Temptations and some of those jazz bands to calm me down a little bit.

Logic has since responded to Harper:

If you’ve never heard Logic’s “5AM”, go ahead and give it a listen…