Today would’ve been the 81st birthday of the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown. His legacy continues to live on through his music. And although go-go music is seen as strictly a sound native to the DMV area, Chuck Brown’s music spanned across the entire globe. His sound was so infectious, that even some hip-hop producers and artists sampled Chuck Brown’s music to give their songs that extra kick. Here is a list of some rap songs that sampled the Godfather…

Nelly – Hot In Herre

This is probably the most popular rap song to ever sample Chuck Brown. Producer Pharrell Williams grew up only 4 hours away from DC in Virginia Beach, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he rocked to some Chuck Brown while growing up. “Hot In Herre” samples Chuck Brown’s “Bustin Loose”, and Nelly even gives it a shout out on the song when he says, “Cause I feel like bustin loose, and I feel like touchin’ you…”


Eve – Tambourine

Chuck Brown’s voice can be heard throughout the Swizz Beatz produced party track. The song sampled is “Blow Your Whistle” by The Soul Searchers. The groupof course would later become Chuck Brown and The Soul Searches.


Pimp C – Young Prostitute

Leave it up to the late, great Pimp C to flip the chorus of “Bustin Loose” into a hook about needing a prostitute.


Kid ‘n Play – Rollin’ With Kid ‘n Play

“Rollin’ With Kid ‘n Play” is one of several hip-hop songs that sampled go-go music during that time frame of rap music. Salt-n-Pepa’s “Shake Your Thang” featuring go-go band E.U. also comes to mind. So it should be as to no surprise that both rap groups shared the same production team lead by Hurby Luv Bug. “Rollin…” samples Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers’ “We Need Some Money”.


MC Hammer – Bustin’ Loose

This is not one of MC Hammer’s more popular songs, but he did perform it on live television during the 1995 Soul Train Awards. Based on the title, you should know which popular Chuck Brown song he sampled.


Jackal the Bear – For Real

In the 90s, hip-hop went through a big dancehall phase. It wasn’t uncommon to find reggae artists doing their thing over hip-hop beats. Philly’s Jackal the Bear used Chuck Brown’s “Bustin Loose” to serve as his sample of choice for his raggamufin style.


Wreckx-N-Effect – I Need Money

If you thought Wreckx-N-Effect’s 1992 hit “Rump Shaker” was their intro into the rap game, then think again. They actually dropped their debut album in 1988, and it included this track that sampled Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers’ “We Need Some Money”.


Ice Cube – The Bomb

Another sample from the group simply known at the time as The Soul Searchers. Their track “Funk to the Folks” provided sounds for this heavy Ice Cube cut.


Slick Rick – Hey Young World

Outside of “Bustin Loose”, the song “Ashley’s Roachclip” is one of the most sampled songs from Chuck Brown’s catalog. Credited as being by The Soul Searchers, other songs that have sampled “Ashley’s Roachclip” include Lloyd’s “Girls Around the World”,  Eric B. & Rakim’s “Paid In Full”, Mill Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It’s True”, P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”, and literally HUNDREDS of more songs.