I’m telling you, the joint I do on Monday’s at Rose’s Dream has got to be the most diverse and most fun open mic I’ve ever been a part of!!! I love the fact that a producer can come through and play his beats, and the emcees just start rocking over the joints!!! That’s wassup!! Shout out to Tae and the 17 Bangas Oh yeah, we had an r&b singer rocker over the producers tracks as well!! Shout out to Brandon Best!!!

I also love the fact that the first 2 acts to kick off the night were FEMALE MCs!!!! Much love to Spice Hayes and Phryme!! Those ladies ripped it last night!!!

Much love to the female r&b acts in the house, Unich and Senetra did their thing!! Senetra loves going acapella every week, and the girl is GOOD!!!

As promised, I had my free giveaways. I had major CDs for all the performers. Brandon Best said next week he’s gonna rock over the instrumentals on the Dream and Ray-J CDs I gave him.
Can’t wait!!

The homie Tae damn near freestyled on every beat I threw on, PLUS he did his poetry thing.
That’s wassup!!!

And also as promised, I had a guest come by to drop some knowledge on ya’ll about the industry. My homie Dwayne from The Co-Op Ent Company. He also was looking for acts to perform on Saturday’s at Haydee’s.

I’m telling ya’ll, every Monday ya’ll need to be with me!!! lol Prove to me you really got what it takes!! You say you’re an MC, but can you move the crowd? You say you’re a vocalist, but how are you live? You say you a producer with hot tracks, but can you get the people in the building to jump on your tracks?