JDVBBS recently released a new EP, and one of the tracks that he really wants the world to hear is “Everything You Gave to Me”. The song is in memory of his late mother that passed away three years ago. Here’s what JDVBBS had to say about the single:

September 2016 was probably the lowest of the low for me. I was sleeping on an air mattress in an empty room, barely able to make ends meet. With the last few dollars I had, I grabbed a new midi keyboard and began writing my most emotional and vulnerable song. It’s a song about my mother, outlining my vow to never give up and to do anything I can to make her proud. It’s called “Everything You Gave To Me”. In a way, the lyrics and the writing process gave me the strength to truly look inside and find my calling.
It’s both an ode to the mistakes I’ve made, as well as a hypothetical conversation with my mother telling me to get it together.
Listen now to “Everything You Gave to Me”…