The rap world is still doing it’s best to cope with the death of Nipsey Hussle. We know that he will forever live on through his music, and it was expected that we would see some freestyles soon. In Kingpen Slim’s case however, his “Racks In the Middle” freestyle featuring Lambo Anlo was originally supposed to drop before Nipsey’s tragic passing. Here’s what the Uptown rapper had to say:

Man! Where to start?

Definitely had Victory Lap as my personal favorite album of the year. The combination of social commentary, street jewels and improvement in Nip’s command of his flow and bigger production gave it the slight edge for me over Jay Rock’s album and [Pusha T’s] Daytona. Lambo and I were really excited to do this because we knew we were going to LA to work on his album and we’d have a chance to meet Nip and hopefully play it for him through mutual friends. So we recorded this on 3/5 and got to meet him on 3/9 but it was his in store and it was a zoo so we never got a chance to play it for him. Did get a chance to introduce ourselves and dap it up, cop some merch and flick it up. For some reason, my artwork guy took forever and didn’t send the artwork back till 3/31. About a hour later tragedy struck. It’s crazy because I felt like his message was rubbing off on us already as far as being more intentional with our words and speaking life in the music, being more of a builder than a destroyer so here we are. Recorded and released out of respect, I hope you can enjoy it, wanted to send to you personally. I type this with a heavy heart and an intention to do better. Join me!