I feel like introducing something new called Monday Mind State. Just something that’s on my mind that I would like to get your opinion and thoughts on.

My first Monday Mind State: Why Don’t Artists Stay to Watch Other Artists Perform?

I get a lot of positive feedback from DMV artists about what I do for the DMV. One of the comments I get the most, is that they appreciate how I stay all night ’til the very end when I go out to watch them at showcases. That comment amazes me, and has me wondering why exactly people don’t stay all night to watch everyone.

My reason for staying is simple: RESPECT. Sure I can leave after the artists I know really well have performed, but I want to show respect for the new cats making a name for themselves. I don’t want to miss out on getting exposed to some hot new talent.

To touch on respect some more, I do find it a bit disrespectful when a artist peforms and they bounce as soon as they’re done. It’s disrespectful to all the artists that watched you perform, because you can’t give the same respect to them and stick around to watch them. Show them that same respect they have just showed you. And I also find it selfish. You’re making it seem like it’s all about you. The “I came, I saw, I conquered” mentality is not cool. Show respect to the others that watched you do your thing. Watch them do their thing. Stick around and network with them. By leaving you may be missing out on an artist you can make big connections with.

Of course, I hear a lot of what I say are “excuses” of why they leave. Folks say they have to work in the morning. Understandable. However, you must realize by getting involved in this music business, you’re getting into some long days and nights. I take the same mentality as Diddy when it comes to this music business: SLEEP IS NOT AN OPTION. If this music is your grind, your life, your hustle, your passion, then there are going to be those days when you have a lot going on in order to balance the music life and the work life for those working the 9-5. I have plenty of stories of me working 2 jobs in one day, hitting up artist showcases, then having to be back to work early in the morning. But I realize that’s the life I chose when I decided to get into music. I don’t complain, I take it like a soldier and keep it moving while sipping on some Vitamin Water Energy. lol

So DMV and everyone else, why don’t artists stay to watch everyone else? And does anyone else share my sentiments of it being a form of disrespect?