If you’re an unsigned artist, then chances are that you have uploaded your music to Soundcloud.  The online music distribution site is a prime destination for everyone from rappers to DJs to upload their mixtapes, remixes, singles, and more. And thanks to Soundcloud’s algorithim when it comes to what songs play after one another, artists have even been discovered and signed thanks to the platform.

To everyday users and listeners, Soundcloud appears to be on top of the game. However, news rocked the music industry this week when TechCrunch reported that Soundcloud only has enough money to last them 50 days. You’ve read that correctly. In less than two months, one of your favorite music streaming websites could be no more.  Soundcloud has since responded to the reports, but it’s no denying that the company is in fact facing some money issues. As evident by them laying off 40% off their staff earlier this month, which sparked rumors of the company not having enough money to make it another year.

Bottom line, the end of Soundcloud may definitely be near. So what is an artist to do? First of all, make sure you have a copy of everything you’ve ever uploaded to your Soundcloud page. Next step, check out some of these alternatives to Soundcloud for getting your music out:


If you love Soundcloud’s format, then Audiomack is definitely your best choice. They can be viewed as more of a polished version of Soundcloud. Audiomack even took some shots when the news broke that Soundcloud may not survive the Summer:

Audiomack then went on to detail exactly why they have “beef” with Soundcloud:

Why wouldn’t you want to upload your music to a site that is ride or die for their product?! Give ’em a test drive.

Bandcamp is a music site that is truly designed with the indie artist in mind. Many of the artists use it to sell their music, but you can also offer free selections as well. Some people view Bandcamp as the “hipster” version of Soundcloud, and also don’t like the lack of ease of discovering music. But with the Soundcloud’s demise on the horizon, let’s hope that the Bandcamp team is cooking up some fresh, new innovations at this very moment. In the meantime, check out this interview with DMV-bred producer Oddisee and peep how me mentions how Bandcamp plays a role in his career.

Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal, etc.

If you are truly serious about getting your music heard on a major level, then step it up and get your music placed on the apps of the major players. I am often shocked by the number of artists that don’t know how to get on these streaming platforms, or think it’s hard to get on them. Newsflash: It’s not hard. Music distribution sites such as Tunecore, DistroKid, and CDBaby all offer services that can get your original music on the above mentioned platforms and dozens more. Prices start as low as $9.99 depending on which of the digital music distributors you go with. So if anyone ever comes up to you saying that can get you on Spotify or Tidal at the cost of hundreds and even thousands of dollars, please kick them in the face.